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We have packages from .01 bitcoin so that everyone can take advantage of this great opportunity.

The TRADE 1 and TRADE 2 packages are exclusively for people to place positions in the Genealogical Tree,

These packs will only double your Bitcoins  at least you upgrade your package to .05 BTC or higher

The TRADE 1 and TRADE 2 packages only generate the Trading Bonus every day so that you double your Bitcoins but do not participate in the Binary Bonus and the Direct Bonus.



Next we present the first 2 packages of the company

TRADE 1 and TRADE 2.

TRADE 1 will save you 50% of all the volume that is generated in your tree and TRADE 2 will save you 75% volume.

Now we present the official packages of B TRADE CLUB

We have packages that participate in the Direct Bonus, Binary Bonus and Trading Bonus from .05 BTC to be able to give opportunity to all the people who take advantage of this tremendous opportunity we also have a 10 BTC packages for entrepreneurs who already have more experience in these businesses so they can maximize positions to the maximum.